This is the official 2021 scholarship application for The University of DeMolay presented by Missouri DeMolay. Please fill it out completely and accurately.

This special installment of The University of DeMolay will take place July 19 - July 25, 2020 online.

Being a participant at The University of DeMolay is a privilege and an honor. Careful review of applications will be made. Applicants who are selected to be granted a scholarship to attend will receive further instructions and forms to be signed by the Applicant, their Parent(s)/Guardian(s) as well as their Chapter Advisor(s), and for out-of-state applicants, their Executive Officer's signature.

By checking this box, I attest to understanding that this Conference, although held virtually, still requires my full attention and participation. I further understand if I do not fully participate, I will not be eligible for any commencement incentives and may be billed for the cost of all materials produced for me.
By checking this box, I attest to understanding that this Conference will be held online and I will need appropriate device(s) to connect including, but not limited to: a device connected to the internet with camera capabilities, and bandwidth sufficient enough to take part in video broadcasts.
By checking this box, I attest to understanding that this form constitutes an application and does not guarantee admission.

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Personal Analysis

Final Submission

By checking this box, I hereby attest that the information provided herein is representative of me and that every field of data has been answered thoroughly and truthfully.
By checking this box, I hereby attest that I have permission granted from my Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Chapter Advisor(s) [and for out-of-state applicants, my Executive Officer] to submit this scholarship application. Furthermore, I, and they, agree to endorse all necessary forms should I be selected to receive a scholarship to attend The University of DeMolay.